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4 FAQ About Krav Maga June 18, 2018

Scarsdale, Westchester
4 FAQ About Krav Maga, Scarsdale, New York

If you or your family are interested in receiving top-notch training in martial arts, you’ll likely learn about the many different options available. One of the most popular and exciting classes you can take is Krav Maga. However, many people aren’t sure what to expect from this type of training. Fortunately, the following guide answers your most common questions.

4 Common Questions Regarding Krav Maga

1. What Type of Technique Is It?

krav magaKrav Maga is an advanced self-defense technique that’s employed by the Israeli Defense Forces, as well as United States Law Enforcement. Because it incorporates a simplistic style that relies on your current instincts, learning the technique will prepare you to protect yourself during any violent situation.

2. Who Should Learn It?

Anyone can learn Krav Maga, and it’s often incredibly beneficial for those seeking to learn enhanced self-defense methods. Children, for example, can benefit significantly, as it will help them feel more confident when faced with bullying or other dangerous situations. In addition, women often feel much safer after learning this technique, because it teaches smaller individuals how to gain an advantage over larger assailants.

3. Is There a Risk of Injury?

As with any sport, there is a small risk of injury when it comes to learning Krav Maga. However, this can be prevented if you find a highly trained instructor to direct you in this technique. Such people will employ safety protocols and protective gear to keep you safe during your sessions.

4. What If You’re Out of Shape?

This type of training is very intensive and physically demanding, which means it will always provide an excellent workout regardless of your physical capabilities. For those who are out of shape, instructors can design classes to help you continuously improve and will support you throughout your training.


If you’re interested in learning Krav Maga, reach out to the experts at 914 Training Center. Based in Scarsdale, NY, these professionals offer a variety of classes to help you stay safe and improve your fitness. Owned by a champion Muay Thai fighter, this self-defense training facility is dedicated to helping you find more confidence in every aspect of your life. To learn more about their class schedule, give them a call today at (914) 437-5353. Or, visit them online for more information.
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