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4 Ways Exercise Helps With Anxiety & Depression May 11, 2018

Elyria, Lorain
4 Ways Exercise Helps With Anxiety & Depression, Elyria, Ohio

Did you know nearly 40 million adults suffer from anxiety and depression? While the condition can feel isolating, with the help of therapy and in some cases, medication, individuals who suffer from these diseases can enjoy happy and fulfilling lives. In addition to counseling, studies have shown that exercise can also help curb symptoms related to mental illness. 

How Exercise Helps With Depression

1. Endorphins

After working up a good sweat, your body will release neurochemicals, known as endorphins, into the pain receptors in your brain. As such, exercise will naturally boost your mood and enhance your well-being. 

2. Healthy Coping Mechanism

DepressionWhen feeling depressed or anxious, many individuals seek an outlet to manage these unwanted emotions. By choosing exercise, as opposed to an unhealthy alternative such as drinking alcohol or simply dwelling in a negative state, you’ll find a better way to work through your feelings.  

3. Gain Confidence

Depression and anxiety often stem from a lack of self-esteem or displeasure with your outward appearance. Exercising is a great way to set and reach goals, achieve better fitness, and boost your overall confidence through learning new moves or improving your running times. 

4. Distraction & Social Opportunities

Another benefit of participating in a group exercise class is the ability to focus on your body movement as opposed to negative feelings. Through distraction and natural social interaction with fellow workout participants, you may curb symptoms related to depression. 


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