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How a Concrete Contractor Can Help Boost Curb Appeal May 15, 2018

Fairport, Monroe
How a Concrete Contractor Can Help Boost Curb Appeal, Fairport, New York

For many, home renovations call to mind something intricate like new windows or a structural add-on. They often forget how the concrete on their property can affect the overall look and value of the house. Working with a reliable concrete contractor can help you to make a major difference in the aesthetic and functionality of the home. This guide provides insight on concrete projects that instantly boost your home’s curb appeal.

3 Ways a Concrete Contractor Will Keep Your Home Beautiful

1. Foundation Repair 

Few things create as much of an eyesore as a severely cracked driveway or foundation. Not only is the damage unsightly, but it can also pose a major liability, as it creates a safety risk for drivers and pedestrians. Your concrete contractor can smooth out your driveway and create a streamlined, cohesive look.

2. Pop of Color

concrete contractorGrey is the traditional color choice, but you can add some color to the concrete to make your property unique. A red clay hue or slight tan color will add warmth and flair to your yard and can easily be incorporated into your concrete strategy without sending your bill through the roof. Whatever color you choose will certainly improve the home’s appearance by adding depth.

3. Stamped Concrete

If you are partial to the look of a grey driveway, there is still much you can do to create a unique look. If the concrete is cracking or lacking interest, you can repair it and add decorative details with stamps. Stamps are easy to apply and simple to maintain. If you’re interested in how you can add more character to your driveway, get in touch with your concrete contractor. 


Making your home’s concrete a priority is an investment that you’ll benefit from for years. Homeowners in Fairport, NY, trust the team at Perinton Masonry to complete foundation repairs, stamping, masonry, and sidewalk work. With 30 years of experience, they are confident in their exceptional foundation repair and installation techniques. Visit the concrete contractors online to learn more about your options or call at (585) 223-3362.

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