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3 Suggestions When Ordering a Flagpole  May 11, 2018

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3 Suggestions When Ordering a Flagpole , Plano, Texas

Because of its size and unique characteristics, the process of buying a flagpole is different than simply buying a table or another generic object. The leading company in the flag industry, US Flag & Flagpole Supply, in Plano, TX, takes pride in walking new customers through the process so they emerge with the product they expected. Read on for the specialist’s guide to securing a great flagpole. 

3 Factors to Keep in Mind While Ordering a Flagpole 

1. Identify a Location

Before you purchase a flagpole, it’s imperative thimageat you find the right spot for it. You don’t want to install it too close to any other structure because as the wind blows the flag out it can hit other structures and damage your flag. Decide what size flag you want to fly and make sure you have clearance by how many feet the flag will be. Also, please keep in mind trees that are planted near by; they maybe small now but as they grow they could cause problems down the road. It may be a hazard if it is too near the street or power lines. Moreover, you’ll have to consult the local laws of your municipality to investigate height restrictions or other rules.

2. Decide on Size & Heft

The height you choose will likely be governed by a combination of legal restrictions and a desire for maximum visibility. The bigger your flagpole, the easier it will be for a passerby to notice. In addition to height, you’ll also need to decide on the strength of the pole. In windier areas, greater strength is better, so the structure is more stable. U.S. Flag & Flagpole will consult the wind chart to help determine the thickness needed. 

3. Have an Arrival Group

Once you’ve ordered the flagpole, you’ll still need to receive it. That task is not as complicated as it may seem. While one person may be able to carry the metal, it will be easier with two, so make sure you ask for help ahead of time. Additionally, don’t forget to inspect the pole before accepting it. Since flagpoles are usually delivered on trucks, it’s not unheard of that they can be damaged en route. If you notice significant marks on the shipping tube you will want to refuse the shipment and we will ship you another pole. If the parts box and ground sleeve arrive in good condition but the pole looks damaged; refuse only the damaged pole.

If you are not installing the flagpole right away you need to take precautions in storing the it. The protective paper that is used to wrap the flagpole in before it goes into the shipping tube can actually stain the flagpole if it gets wet. Please store inside if possible or take off the shipping tube and the protective paper it’s wrapped in and store the pole off the ground.

If you’re considering adding a flagpole to your property, the process is much easier with the expert help of our company, US Flag & Flagpole Supply. We carry everything from American flags to memorial flags. To learn more about the buying process, call (800) 710-9892 to speak with a friendly representative. You can read about the company by visiting our website.  

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