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What You Should Know About Changing the Transmission Fluid May 11, 2018

Henderson, Chester
What You Should Know About Changing the Transmission Fluid, Henderson, Tennessee

The transmission is a critical component that keeps vehicles running well. Whether you have a new or used car, this key area contains fluid that lubricates all of the parts inside and in an automatic transmission, acts as a coolant and necessary liquid for engine function. Here is a brief guide for proper maintenance of your vehicle’s transmission.

How Often Should Transmission Fluid Be Changed?

Transmission fluid must be changed periodically, but times vary depending on the type of vehicle you have. Newer models can typically go for more than 100,000 miles before this maintenance needs to happen. For used cars or automatics with many miles on them, have your transmission serviced every 30,000 miles. Refer to your manufacturer’s specific regulations in the owners manual to determine the best schedule for optimal performance. 

Does a Manual Transmission Require Fluid & Fluid Changes?

used carManual transmissions also require fluid changes, with most manufacturers agreeing that the service should be done between 30,000 and 60,000 miles. If you drive your vehicle a lot and put a considerable amount of wear and tear on it, shoot for a transmission fluid change every 15,000 miles. Just like with any vehicle, consult with your car expert or owners manual for the right type of fluid.

Can I Complete My Own Transmission Fluid Maintenance?

Typically, changing the transmission fluid proves complicated for a do-it-yourself mechanic. The process includes getting the vehicle up on a jack or lift and expert knowledge of how to access the fill plug. For older used cars, the process is a little easier if you have the correct tools, but for new models, transmissions tend to be sealed and only accessible by the dealer’s service computer. 


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