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What Are the Do’s & Don’ts of Choosing Flooring for Your Home? May 10, 2018

Barnesville, Belmont
What Are the Do’s & Don’ts of Choosing Flooring for Your Home?, Barnesville, Ohio

Selecting the right flooring for your home is a huge decision. After all, these floors will be the site of countless family gatherings and lazy weekend mornings with your loved ones. To pick the type that can handle all of your family’s needs, keep this list of do’s and don’ts in mind.


Pay attention to durability.

Consider the durability of your flooring and the way it will function within the room. For example, although plush carpeting is beautiful, it’s also prone to matting if it’s placed in high-traffic areas. Instead, install sturdy materials—like vinyl, sealed concrete, and even low-pile carpet—in places where you anticipate lots of activity, like the kitchen and living room.

Consider resale value.


You might love the eclectic appeal of neon yellow carpet, but consider the long-term value of your flooring, too. Potential buyers will appreciate timeless choices like hardwood, which looks cozy and comforting in both contemporary and classic homes.


Ignore carpet.

Carpet has a bad reputation, particularly among people with pets and allergies. In reality, however, carpet is comfortable, affordable, and available in durable fibers that can complement your lifestyle. Regular vacuuming and an annual or semiannual deep cleaning will keep your flooring in top shape all year-round.

Forget about maintenance.

To help your flooring last and look its best, follow care recommendations from the manufacturer and your local flooring professional. For instance, cork floors are beautiful, but not waterproof, so they should be sealed every few years. Similarly, hardwood should always have a protective finish to prevent moisture from warping the floor.


Whether you want durable concrete, luxurious carpet, or eco-friendly cork, you should pick the floor that fit your needs and style. After all, you deserve to love the look of every room in your home. For the ultimate combination of customer service, quality selection, and lasting value, people in the Belmont County, OH, area trust Flag Floors of Barnesville with all of their flooring needs. The premier flooring warehouse also provides custom cabinets and windows, as well as everything you need for your next home improvement project. To speak with a friendly representative about their inventory, call (740) 425-3344, or visit them online to view photos of their beautiful showroom.