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Monument’s Top Towing Company Explains How to Handle Car Accidents in Colorado May 9, 2018

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Monument’s Top Towing Company Explains How to Handle Car Accidents in Colorado, Monument, Colorado

The moments after a car crash can be an extremely disorienting and fast-moving time for drivers. Knowing in advance how to follow the specific laws in Colorado will ease some of the stress and streamline the process for you. Respected towing company Monument Towing in El Paso County, CO, helps in accident situations on a regular basis, so they have a wealth of knowledge about how to proceed in the correct way. Here is a guide from the experts on what you should do. 

A Towing Company’s Guide to the Aftermath of a Colorado Collision

Check In & Exchange Information

The first thing to know is that you cannot just drive away after a collision. You must check in with the other driver and see if anyone is hurt. In the event there’s an injury, it’s your duty to call an ambulance so they can receive medical attention. Otherwise you can proceed to the next phase, which involves an exchange of information that includes your name, phone number, and insurance policy information. While it’s not legally mandated, it’s still recommended to take pictures for your records.  

towing companyFile a Report

In the state of Colorado, there must be an official report after an accident. If a police car notices what’s happened and arrives at the scene, they will collect all of your information and you won’t have to do anything else. But when no police come, all parties involved are responsible for going online to the DMV website and filing an accident report. 

Schedule an Inspection

While it’s not state law, prudent drivers take their vehicles to an auto mechanic after an accident to ensure the car isn’t damaged in a way that will affect your ability to drive it. Not all problems are visible to the naked eye—some can only be discovered through computer diagnostics or a close inspection. When your vehicle is obviously dinged up, the safest action is to hire a towing company to pull you to the nearest shop. Otherwise, you may be risking the safety of everyone in the car. 

If you find your car damaged after an accident, don’t hesitate to reach out to Monument Towing at any time of day or night. The professionals are able to provide all forms of roadside assistance as well as traditional towing service if your vehicle is badly damaged. To speak with a friendly staff member, dial (719) 481-2511. Learn more about the towing company by visiting their website

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