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5 Common Questions About Custom Sign Design May 10, 2018

New Cassel, North Hempstead
5 Common Questions About Custom Sign Design, North Hempstead, New York

Storefront signage is the first thing potential customers notice about your business. Introduce your commercial venture in style by getting a custom sign designed by a professional in the field. Make the task easier by learning how to make your brand more attractive to interested clients.

What to Ask About Custom Sign Designs

1. What Information Should You Include in the Sign?

Signage options typically only offer enough space to accommodate your business’ name and logo. In some cases, however, the designer might be able to work the font and layout around to fit your tagline as well. It helps to keep it clear cut and brief to make sure the designing process is up to par with your specifications.

2. Why Is Color Selection So Important?

Custom SignIs there a particular color scheme you wish to associate with your brand? If so, you can seek inspiration from your company logo or come up with your own ideas. The choice of colors gives your brand a definite identity and increases its recall in the consumers’ minds.

3. How Can You Increase Sign Visibility?

When you’re trying to stand out amid the competition, the last thing you want is for your signage to get lost in the crowd. LED signs are excellent for nighttime visibility with their bright lights and colors. Contrasting background and lettering shades can also make your signage more apparent.

4. Which Sign Options Can You Choose From?

In addition to LED signs, you can also choose options made of plywood, fabric, and metal lettering. Customized awnings with your store name can also serve as signage options for many businesses. Keep your business type and target market in mind when selecting the right option.

5. Why Does Working With a Design Company Matter?

A design company can come up with attractive options that will resonate with your customers. They will suggest the most effective layouts and colors to draw in a higher number of potential buyers and will also help adapt store stationery and shopping bag to your signage theme.


Custom signs establish your business’ identity and make them easily recognizable to the customer. Get high-quality lettering and LED signs with help from the experts at Aric Signs & Awnings. The Westbury, NY, business houses an extensive manufacturing facility to create premium sign designs for their clients. Learn about their designing services in detail by calling (516) 350-0409 or visiting the website.

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