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Window Contractor Reveals How Rain Affects Your Siding, Windows, and Gutters May 9, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
Window Contractor Reveals How Rain Affects Your Siding, Windows, and Gutters, Lincoln, Nebraska

Spring is synonymous with budding flowers and warmer weather. However, the season also brings rain showers and storms. Excessive moisture can have damaging effects on your home. In fact, according to Innovations Siding & Windows, a top window contractor in Lincoln, NE, your siding, windows, and gutters face the most impact.

How Rain Affects Siding

The siding of your home comprises the majority of its exterior, so it's condition is essential. Old or worn down materials not only reduce curb appeal but also make your home vulnerable to damage from spring storms. Siding that takes on excessive moisture can lead to mold, encourage the nesting of insects, cause nails to rust, and even cause your paint to fade or peel. These effects can be avoided, however, by investing in and maintaining quality siding. For example, steel siding is both waterproof and insect-proof.

How Rain Affects Windows

Windows are a weaker point of your home. Springtime showers can cause deterioration or warp the framework. When this occurs, the window may begin to shift away from the siding. The small cracks left behind allow heat or cool air to escape and invite small pests. With enough neglect, you may also face interior water damage.

How Rain Affects Your Gutters

Gutters dispense rain away from your home to prevent pooling on your roof or around your foundation. Your gutters can easily handle excessive rainfall as long as they are clear of debris. However, storms often blow leaves and branches that clog your trenches and prevent water from draining. Without well-maintained gutters, you may suffer a leaky roof or basement due to overflow.

Your windows and siding take a beating in severe weather, so if you've noticed any of the effects listed above, it's time to contact Innovations Siding & Windows. As a top window contractor in Lincoln, NE, they handle a variety of jobs from the installation of seamless gutters, vinyl windows, and siding. They pride themselves in only using the highest-quality materials while still keeping their costs affordable. For more information on Lancaster County's best window contractor, visit their website or call (402) 423-­8831 today.

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