Hartly, Delaware

Avoid Allergies & Save Up to $500 on Air FiltrationHartly, Kent, Delaware

Valid from April 15, 2018 to June 15, 2018
Avoid Allergies & Save Up to $500 on Air Filtration, Hartly, Delaware

With the changing of seasons, many people experience allergy flare-ups in the spring and summer time. This can be caused not only by pollen and other allergens, but also by aging or dusty heating and cooling systems. To help you beat the allergy season, Air Doctorx Heating and Air of Hartly, DE, is offering a deal on all Mitsubishi Electric® heating and cooling systems, which are equipped with the most efficient air filtration technology.

Up to $500 Off Mitsubishi Electric's Air Filtration Systems  

From now until June 15th, 2018, any purchase of a Mitsubishi Electric System from this approved installer will be eligible for up to $500 off in the form of an instant rebate. Mitsubishi’s heating and cooling systems feature multi-stage air filtration which reduces the number of allergens and contaminants before pumping air into your home. The system’s new generation filters are user-friendly and can be cleaned in your kitchen sink, or easily changed by any homeowner.

heating-and-cooling-systemMaintain Indoor Air Quality 

In addition to installing an efficient heating and cooling system with up-to-date filtration technology, there are several basic maintenance tasks you can do to keep your indoor air healthy and clean:

  • Change your HVAC filter every 30-90 days

  • Check ducts for mildew and mold

  • Clean the outdoor AC unit

  • Remove dust from registers and returns

Order Your System

If you are looking to upgrade your heating and cooling system this season, there is no better option than Air Doctorx Heating and Air. After having her new system installed, this is what Sherry M. had to say: "Air Doctorx rocks!! They installed a Geothermal heat pump and complete duct system in our home. Their installers were extremely efficient, neat and professional. We couldn't be more satisfied with the work and our checkbook loves us too!! Thanks Air Doctorx for a great job." To order your system, get in touch with Air Doctorx Heating and Air at (302) 492-1333 or visit them online to learn more about their Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors™.

This deal is no longer available.

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