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How Cloud Services Might Shake Up the Telecom Industry June 12, 2018

Melville, Suffolk County
How Cloud Services Might Shake Up the Telecom Industry, Melville, New York

Cloud services are shaking up almost every industry that relies on networking and computing power. In the past, newcomers and established providers invested millions in specialized hardware to build networks and offer new services. Now, the ability to purchase server space in the cloud and the introduction of software that can replace expensive hardware means dramatic changes are on the horizon.

The Virtualization of IT Gear

cloud servicesAs processing power skyrockets and prices fall, the cost of server space has drastically dropped — a trend that will likely continue. While transferring the capabilities of powerful specialized gear to a piece of software running on a cheap standard server may seem like science fiction, there are already several startups promising to do exactly that. As this “virtualization” of function becomes more prevalent, telecom companies will be able to build virtual networks, which can be quickly adjusted without investing in new hardware.

Lowering the Barrier to Entry

As cloud services and virtualization become more sophisticated, cell phone providers and other telecom brokers will be able to cut costs while expanding services. The advancement will also lower the barrier to entry for new companies, discarding the need to raise millions in capital just to get off the ground. With potentially hundreds of new players, the telecom industry could be poised for a period of intense innovation and potential disruption.


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