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4 Healthy Road Trip Snacks for Kids January 1, 2019

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4 Healthy Road Trip Snacks for Kids, Lynne, Wisconsin

Every parent wants what’s best for their children, and many choose to teach healthy eating habits and limit their kids’ intake of junk food. While this is pretty easy at home, finding healthy snacks on the road can be an entirely different story. Fortunately, most gas stations carry nutritious options that won’t ruin your kids’ diets.

4 Healthy Gas Station Snacks

1. Popcorn

While some flavors can be loaded with sugar and saturated fat, plain salted popcorn is both tasty and low in calories. Most gas stations carry single-serving snack packs, enough to take the edge off the hunger without overdoing it.

2. Fruit

snacksMost gas stations have a selection of fresh fruits, which can satisfy a sweet tooth while providing important minerals and vitamins. If you can’t find fresh fruit, opt for a fruit cup, dried fruits, fruit crisps, or anything else that doesn’t have added sugar.

3. Jerky

Beef and turkey jerky offer a lot of filling protein without the fat, but make sure you check the ingredients first. Pass on anything with added nitrites and MSG. When comparing different types of jerky, go to go with the lower-sodium option, and avoid brands that add sugar.

4. Trail Mix

Some trail mixes contain chocolates and pretzels, which add unnecessary fats and sugars, but others can be a great source of vitamins and protein. Single-serving packages of trail mixes with just nuts and dried fruit are very healthy, tasty, and filling.


Since 1992, Tri-Mart BP has offered healthy snacks and gas to Tripoli, WI, locals and road-trippers alike. Their pumps are open 24 hours a day, and their convenience store features a broad inventory of hot food and everything else you need to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Visit their website for more on their services, call (715) 564-2440 with any questions, or just drop by on your next trip. Don’t forget to follow their Facebook for more advice and updates.

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