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What’s the Difference Between Blinds & Shutters? May 16, 2018

Mililani - Waipio - Melemanu, Ewa
What’s the Difference Between Blinds & Shutters?, Ewa, Hawaii

Choosing the right type of blinds or shutters for your home can change its atmosphere for the better in addition to providing shade and privacy. But many homeowners might not know the difference between the two types of light control mechanisms. To help you pick the best option for your home, here’s a quick breakdown of both styles.

How Blinds & Shutters Differ 


Shutters offer a gorgeous and functional look that’s hard to beat. Because they are custom-made for your windows, their tailored and sleek look can actually increase your home’s value. The slats can be raised or lowered to any desired height and tightly shut for maximum privacy. With their stylistic range, whether you’re going for an art deco design, contemporary atmosphere, or ranch look, shutters can fit any aesthetic. And without a cord to get tangled up or provide temptation for mischievous pets, shutters are a non-intrusive addition to a home.


From affordable vinyl to glossy bamboo or faux-wood designs, blinds can fit most interior aesthetics. They can be hidden out of sight when drawn fully upward as well, allowing rooms to get the most light. At Saiki’s Window Designs, Inc., we’ll measure each window for a perfect custom fit. While they come in many sizes and can fit a majority of windows, they aren’t quite as snug as shutters. Some materials also don’t provide complete blockage when closed. However, blinds are a more affordable alternative to shutters. 

Saiki’s Window Designs in Mililani, HI, has been the premier source for window treatments on the island of Oahu for more than two decades. With a dedication to the highest craftsmanship and the ability to ship shutters to neighboring islands, the company takes pride in delivering a superior product to homeowners looking to spruce up their windows. Call (808) 626-5007 or (808) 384-5003 to speak with their staff about shutter installation, or follow their Facebook page to see examples of their work.