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The Different Kinds of Maintenance a Forklift Needs May 20, 2018

South Plainfield, Middlesex County
The Different Kinds of Maintenance a Forklift Needs, South Plainfield, New Jersey

Like a car, truck, or other vehicle used in your business, a forklift needs regular maintenance to keep it running well. Unlike cars and trucks, however, the forklift service schedule is not measured in miles, but rather in hours of use. To help you keep the equipment in top condition, AJ Jersey, an experienced forklift dealer in South Plainfield, NJ, discusses the types of maintenance these vehicles require, below.

What Is the Recommended Forklift Service Schedule?

Every 250 Hours

You should lubricate the frame, replace the air and oil filters, and inspect the brake and electrical systems. Pay particular attention to the lights, horn, and other safety features. Repeat this step every 250 hours, even when it coincides with other maintenance tasks.

Every 500 Hours

Forklift service in Plainfield, NJRepeat the steps above. Additionally, replace and gap the spark plugs and service the antifreeze. Inspect the transmission and fuel filters and replace, if necessary.

Every 1000 Hours

Although it is not listed, don't forget the scheduled forklift service at 750 hours. Then, after 1000 hours of use, repeat all steps above and inspect the brake fluid. If it is low, top off the reservoir and inspect the brake lines for leakage. Also, change the hydraulic fluid and filter to ensure the lift mechanism works efficiently. At this time, take care of any minor problems to prevent them from becoming serious.

To make sure your forklift runs smoothly and lasts as long as possible, it's important to monitor its usage time and schedule maintenance when necessary. AJ Jersey, in New Jersey offers affordable forklift services to help you avoid fleet downtime. They also provide forklift rentals for those times when your machines are in for repairs. Visit their website to view a map of their location. Call (908) 754-7333 to discuss your needs with a member of their team.

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