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Wedding Venue Professionals Share 3 Tips for Planning a Reception May 9, 2018

Saratoga, Wood
Wedding Venue Professionals Share 3 Tips for Planning a Reception, Saratoga, Wisconsin

Your wedding reception is a great time to mingle with guests and let loose following the traditional ceremony, and it’s important to plan accordingly. The staff at Ridges Golf Course & Banquet Facility—the leading wedding venue in Wisconsin Rapids—knows weddings and wants to share several tips to help you when planning the reception at their beautiful facility. These ideas will ensure a stress-free process and that you get to enjoy the time at the reception.

3 Tips for Planning a Wedding Reception

1. Don’t Over-Invite

While it’s tempting to invite every person in your life, it isn’t always feasible, cost-effective, or considerate of guests’ comfort. In many cases, there simply isn’t enough room, which is why you shouldn’t over-invite. Explore the venue carefully and consider factors like they layout, the dance floor, and more. Guests will need space to move and sit comfortably, and you’ll also need to consider waiters and wedding venue staff moving about. When planning the reception, speak with the wedding venue staff to get an idea of how many guests they usually accommodate.

2. Know What You Want

wedding-venue-ridges-golf-course-and-banquet-facilityWhen planning a reception, you need to know all the essential components. Do you want a dance floor? A live band? Will there be a receiving line for guests when they arrive? You also need to consider food. Will it be table service or a buffet? All of these play into space, convenience, and price, so plan accordingly well in advance and check what amenities the wedding venue can accommodate.

3. Plan a Budget

The wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life, and while you want it to be perfect, you need to budget carefully. Adding more and more features, decorations, and amenities quickly adds up. Start with the venue cost and work your way through the essentials. When you start to reach the maximum, begin trimming off what isn’t necessary.

With some careful planning, you can ensure the wedding reception is everything you’ve dreamed of. If you need assistance, the staff at Ridges Golf Course & Banquet Facility can help. They’ve hosted numerous weddings at their banquet hall and can advise on different ways to ensure everything goes perfectly. Call (715) 424-3204 today to book your reception and visit their website and Facebook page to learn about their wedding venue.