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Reduce Allergens With a New HVAC System & Up to $500 OffDunwoodie, Yonkers, New York

Valid from April 15, 2018 to June 15, 2018
Reduce Allergens With a New HVAC System & Up to $500 Off, Yonkers, New York

Indoor allergens can wreak havoc on your health. This is especially true if you already have allergies or asthma, which can become exacerbated by the presence of pollen and debris in the air. That’s why the skilled HVAC contractors at Absolute Comfort & Temperature Control of Yonkers, NY, recommend installing a Mitsubishi Electric® Air Filtration System in your home, which can drastically improve indoor air quality. They’re also offering a rebate of up to $500 from April 15 to June 15 this summer to help their customers purchase this device.

HVAC Contractors’ Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality

If you have an issue with moisture, check for any mold growth. Mold can degrade a home’s air quality and is dangerous for people with certain respiratory issues. Also, keep vents free of dust, which can disperse around the home when the HVAC unit turns on. Proper maintenance is also important, as it can help you determine whether the unit is still working efficiently.

How Mitsubishi Electric Air Filtration Works

HVAC contractorIf you’re due for a new system, Mitsubishi Electric units can improve indoor air quality. Complete with washable filters that last up to 10 years, their HVAC systems reduce the presence of multiple allergens, including dust and pollen. You can also place filters in each room for optimal air quality throughout the home.

As approved Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors™, the team at Absolute Comfort & Temperature Control offers an amazing rebate on all purchases made between April 15 and June 15. With up to $500 off, you can access this technology to ensure your home remains temperate and healthy. This shows these HVAC contractors’ commitment to quality, as exemplified by Ellen Gomprecht Reich, a past customer: "They really know what they are doing. They are prompt, courteous, neat, very fair with their prices, and extremely knowledgeable."

In Yonkers, residents look to Absolute Comfort & Temperature Control when in search of skilled HVAC repair. They also offer information on Mitsubishi Electric’s ductless heating systems and air conditioning units, which feature state-of-the-art air filtration systems. Call (914) 761-0529 to speak with an HVAC contractor about your needs. Visit the website for more information about their ductless systems.

This deal is no longer available.

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