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What Victims & Pet Owners Should Know About Personal Injury Claims Involving Dog Bites June 21, 2018

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What Victims & Pet Owners Should Know About Personal Injury Claims Involving Dog Bites, Dothan, Alabama

Most dogs are lovable companions, but some canines will snap in certain scenarios. After all, dogs are animals, and no amount of one-on-one training, socialization, or obedience school can quash their instincts completely. Fortunately, dog bite victims can usually sue the pet owner or handler for any damages they incur. If you were hurt by someone else’s dog, here is what you should know about filing a subsequent personal injury claim. 

When the Owner Is Liable

In the state of Alabama, pet owners are automatically liable for the harm their dogs inflict if the victim did not provoke the animal, the incident occurred on the owner’s property, and the victim was not trespassing at the time. If the incident occurs in a public place or on property belonging to a third party, the dog owner is only liable for the personal injury damages if they were negligent. For example, ignoring a leash law when walking through a public park could provide the grounds for a negligence claim. 

What Kinds of Damages the Victim Can Recover 

personal injuryRegardless if you have a strict liability claim or a negligence case, you can recover compensation for the costs associated with treating the injury. This might include medical bills and lost income. If the pet owner knew the dog was aggressive—if the animal had bitten someone in the past, for example—you could also collect punitive damages. Unlike compensatory damages, punitive damages aim to deter the defendant from letting the incident happen again. 


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