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Hawaii Laws That Help Make Pawn Shops Safe & Legal May 4, 2018

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Hawaii Laws That Help Make Pawn Shops Safe & Legal, Honolulu, Hawaii

Whether buying or selling, making a transaction at a pawn shop has never been more reliable and safe thanks to Hawaii laws. These regulations give potential customers peace of mind when they browse for jewelry, shop for new electronics, or need some fast cash. Here are a few of the laws that reassure pawn shop customers.

3 Hawaiian Pawn Shop Regulations

1. Record of Transactions

pawnA common concern when purchasing items at a pawn shop is their origin. With the pawnbroker regulations, however, consumers can be sure that every single item in a shop is well-documented. The second section states that all dealers must obtain pertinent information from the seller immediately after purchasing an item. This includes the name, address, date of birth, age, and description of the person who sold the item, as well as the identification number of an official government ID. Keeping their information holds sellers accountable for the items they bring in.

2. Inspections

On the rare occasion law enforcement has reason to believe stolen or tainted goods have circulated through a pawn shop, this statute allows police officers to inspect the items immediately during regular business hours. Any stolen goods that do find their way into a pawn shop can be inspected and removed before an unsuspecting customer purchases them.

3. Penalties

In addition to the customer safeguards previously mentioned, it’s wholly inadvisable for a pawn shop to sell stolen or tainted goods for another reason: doing so is a misdemeanor crime. Along with the legal ramifications of such a charge, the dealer will be prohibited from purchasing or selling any precious or semiprecious metals, gems, and other articles. Customers can shop confidently knowing the proper enforcements and punishments are keeping all transactions legal.


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