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3 Ways Children Can Benefit From Building Model Cars May 7, 2018

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3 Ways Children Can Benefit From Building Model Cars, Jacksonville, Arkansas

In an age where video games and iPads® are becoming more of an unhealthy distraction, it’s important to encourage your children to pursue educational and creative hobbies. Building model cars is an activity that can challenge your child in many ways and teach them skills that will serve them throughout life. Below are just a few of the numerous benefits of this activity. 

Why Building Model Cars Is a Positive Experience for Kids

1. Teaches Patience

model carBuilding a model car teaches your child the art of patience and dedication. The process takes more time than just a few hours, and it may not even turn out exactly like the picture the first time around. Rather than receiving instant gratification, your child will have to undergo trial and error until they reach a finished result they are happy with. 

2. Prompts to Read Instructions

While reading instructions may seem like second nature, it takes time to perfect this fundamental skill. During the building process, your child will have to learn how to read through the instructions carefully and apply them to the parts and pieces that come in the kit. This set of skills can help your child later on in both their career and personal life.

3. Fosters Creativity

Once your child masters the basics of model car building, they don’t have to copy what they see on the box. One of the main benefits of model building is the freedom to make the finished product your own design. A child can use paints, decals, and other accessories to express their vision and creativity.  


When your child is ready to build a model car, take them to a hobby shop and help them pick out their first kit. For the premier hobby shop in Jacksonville, AR, stop into Rail & Sprue Hobbies. They offer an impressive inventory of model trains, cars, and airplanes, as well as specialty paints and tools. Give them a call today at (501) 982-6836 to speak with a friendly sales associate or visit their website for more information about their business. 

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