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How to Prepare Your Home for Gutter Replacement or Installation May 15, 2018

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How to Prepare Your Home for Gutter Replacement or Installation, Honolulu, Hawaii

Gutters play a crucial role in moisture management and maintaining your home’s exterior. Without these funneling mechanisms, you may experience mold growth on the side of your home, siding rot, or foundation flooding. When you need a gutter replacement, it’s important to prepare both yourself and your home. Below, Amakua Raingutters in Honolulu, HI, shares three steps they recommend when readying for gutter installation.

Prep for Gutter Replacement or Installation These Ways

Review Your Budget

Before heading to a contractor, it’s important that you have a budget in mind for your gutter replacement project. Get several bids from various companies to get a feel for what you can expect to pay for your home upgrade. Then, consider which is within your budget. Keep in mind that choosing materials with better longevity at the top range of your budget is likely worth it in the long run, as you won’t have to get another replacement any time soon.

Communicate Your Preferences

gutter replacementWhat color do you want your new gutters? Do you have a material preference between aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel? Look into all these options before working with a contractor so you can easily narrow down your choice list to a few top options. Your contractor can help you make a final decision as you consider the various benefits and drawbacks of each gutter variety.

Remove Obstacles

Once you’ve made all the decisions and settled on a budget, it’s time for gutter installation. Make it easy for your team of contractors by removing any obstacles that may be in their way, such as yard statues, bird baths, or other movable landscaping items. Clear a pathway so they can use ladders within 10 feet of your home and avoid watering this area before the team begins work. 

Gutter replacement will help your home better siphon rain away from your roof. Set a budget, decide on material and style preferences, and remove obstacles before the contractors arrive on the big day. To discuss your gutter installation project with the experts at Amakua Raingutters, call (808) 258-6994. Visit their website for information on their Oahu-based services. 

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