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3 Reasons You Should Get AC & Heater Tuneups May 8, 2018

North Madison, Lake
3 Reasons You Should Get AC & Heater Tuneups, North Madison, Ohio

Whether it’s providing a refreshing blast of chilly air on a hot day or the comfort of warmth during frigid weather, a car’s air conditioning and heating system is a crucial component of any vehicle. This system, however, does more than just help control the temperature, and regular maintenance and tuneups are a big part of keeping them running as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of Regular AC & Heater Tuneups

1. Catch Issues Early

tune upsA full tuneup for your car’s AC and heater from a professional auto repair shop covers more than just tightening parts and ensuring it produces cold and warm air. A technician will carefully examine the components of the system and address any issues that are found. From damaged parts such as cracked tubing to insufficient fluid levels, these tuneups will help keep the system functioning efficiently without any serious breakdowns.

2. Keep the Engine Running Smoothly 

Your car’s AC and heating system does more than just keep you comfortable on hot or cold days. Excess heat from the engine is often rerouted through the heating and cooling network to prevent overheating and breakdowns. This heat can even be introduced back into the car to provide warmth. A number of issues such as clogs or broken components can increase the chance of your engine overheating, leading to an inconvenient and costly breakdown. 

3. Create Healthier Air 

The cold or warm air pouring from the vents might be the most noticeable result of an AC or heater, but the system also helps keep you and your passengers safe from a variety of air pollutants. The cabin air filter removes a large amount of pollen, exhaust, dust, and other particulates from the air before it reaches the interior of the car. As the filter ages, however, its efficiency decreases. During a tuneup, the technician will replace the filter to make sure you’re breathing the cleanest air possible.


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