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How to Choose Between Wood & Vinyl Windows May 11, 2018

Kalispell, Flathead
How to Choose Between Wood & Vinyl Windows, Kalispell, Montana

When you’re updating your windows, whether to improve the look or energy efficiency of your home, you need to select a frame material that will best meet your needs. Wood and vinyl windows are both popular choices for homeowners, but deciding which frame is right for your house can be difficult. Weigh the advantages of each before making your final decision.  

The Benefits of Wood vs. Vinyl Windows


On average, wood windows should be repainted or restained every three to four years to help protect them from the elements. This level of maintenance is not necessary for vinyl, which only needs to be washed annually to remove any dirt or mildew.


vinyl windowsIt’s easy to change the look of wood windows every few years with painting or staining. Although vinyl windows cannot be painted or stained, you don’t have to settle for white. There are a variety of colors and finishes available, including a woodgrain laminate, so you can install one that best matches your home’s aesthetic. However, these options tend to be a premium choice and will cost more to install.


When wood windows are properly maintained, they can last for generations; however, without upkeep, moisture can lead to rotting and swelling in the frame. Of course, wood is also known for attracting termites. While vinyl is incredibly durable, it tends to shrink and grow with temperature changes, so it can develop leaks around the glass.


On average, wood windows cost up to $4,000 more to install than vinyl. Unfortunately, they also don’t recoup as much of their value. According to the 2018 Cost vs. Value Report vinyl will typically earn back 74.3% of its cost, while wood only recovers 69.5%.


If you’re currently looking for a replacement window material, you can’t go wrong with either wood or vinyl. However, you do need a trusted contractor to install them for you. Shepard’s Glass has been Kalispell, MT’s expert team for remodeling and renovations. Call them today at (406) 755-4540 or fill out the contact form on their website to learn more about their wood and vinyl window products.

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