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A Quick Guide to Wrongful Death Claims May 7, 2018

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A Quick Guide to Wrongful Death Claims, Lincoln, Nebraska

The loss of a loved one is always deeply traumatic and emotionally devastating, but it can be particularly difficult if their death was caused by someone else’s negligence. In these circumstances, a wrongful death claim may allow you to collect financial compensation from the responsible party, minimizing the financial impact and giving you the resources to begin putting your life back together.

What You Should Know About Wrongful Death Cases

Which Situations Qualify

Wrongful death actions are a type of personal injury claim, one in which the victim did not survive the accident. Any incident that would have provided grounds for a suit if they’d lived can lead to a wrongful death claim. This includes anything from auto accidents and unsafe conditions in a store to defective products and even acts of assault.

wrongful deathWho May File a Claim

Many states allow any family member who relied on the victim for financial support to bring an action to court. However, Nebraska and a few other states give that right solely to the authorized representative of their estate, who will pursue damages for the family’s sake. To determine whether you have grounds to file a claim in your state, speak to a local personal injury attorney.

What Damages Survivors Can Collect

Putting a dollar figure on a human life seems impossible, so calculating a fair settlement amount requires an in-depth understanding of the law. Your settlement includes compensation for burial expenses, any medical care your loved one required, and any pain and suffering they experienced before they passed. You may also seek damages for their lost earnings, as well as your loss and emotional trauma.


If you’ve lost a loved one through the malice or neglectful action of someone else, the legal team at Cada Cada Hoffman & Jewson will help you achieve some measure of justice. They’ve dedicated their careers to helping victims throughout Lincoln, NE, and the surrounding area, which has earned them an AV Pre-Eminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell® and the respect of their clients and peers. To discuss your case with a skilled wrongful death attorney, visit their website or call (402) 477-2233 today.

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