Brookline Village, Massachusetts

Fight Allergies With a Discounted Air Conditioning SystemBrookline Village, Brookline, Massachusetts

Valid from April 15, 2018 to June 15, 2018
Fight Allergies With a Discounted Air Conditioning System, Brookline, Massachusetts

Spring may bring warm temperatures and beautiful weather, but it can also prove problematic for those who experience seasonal allergies. As the team at Atlantic Heating & Air Conditioning in Brookline, MA, notes, proper maintenance of the air conditioning system makes a big difference for people’s allergies. In some cases, however, a total system upgrade may be the best solution—and with current deals, now is the best time to make the change.

Save Up to $500 on the Installation of a Mitsubishi Electric® Air Conditioning System

air conditioning systemFrom now until June 15, 2018, homeowners who purchase a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning system and get it installed by an approved Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor™ can receive an instant rebate of up to $500 in savings.

How does this help with seasonal allergies? Mitsubishi Electric’s ductless heating & cooling systems use high-tech washable filters that remove dust, pollen, and other irritants to improve your air quality. These filters are designed to last for up to 10 years, giving you long-lasting relief.

When you have a new ductless system installed by the Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors at Atlantic Heating & Air Conditioning, you receive quality equipment and superior work. As customer Bob S. said, “Finally, a really great HVAC company. Nice honest people, meticulous work, on time and on budget. And when they left, it was like they were never here—the place was spotless. They really care about doing quality work. I would use them again in a heartbeat. After seeing the kind of work they do, if I needed open heart surgery and they said they could do it, I’d probably let them. Special shout-outs to Kyle Magnani and Ricky Lozand. Thank you!”

Schedule Your Installation Today!

Don’t let allergies be a problem for you this spring. Take advantage of this special offer and have the team at Atlantic Heating & Air Conditioning install a top-quality air conditioning system today. To learn more about this deal, visit them online or call (617) 566-6990.

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