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4 Benefits of Suburban Life May 4, 2018

Montclair, Essex County
4 Benefits of Suburban Life, Montclair, New Jersey

When you’re ready to buy a house, there are several decisions to make that narrow your search, such as how many bedrooms you need. Another main factor that influences your house hunt is location. Do you live in the city or the suburbs? So, if you’re planning to buy a house for the first time, consider putting down roots in suburbia.

4 Advantages of Living in the Suburbs

1. More Square Footage

buy a houseDue to the concentration of people in cities, homes tend to be much smaller. While the small floor plan might work if you’re single or don’t have children, it can become difficult to fit everyone once you expand your family. The suburbs not only offer larger homes, but they also offer more acreage.

2. Less Expensive

You would think that the larger homes of suburbia would lead to higher prices; however, homes tend to cost less once you’re outside the city limits. You’re much more likely to find a home that fits your needs without having to exceed your budget.

3. More Access to Nature

Depending on the city, you might not have much access to greenery. Your pets, kids, and body will thank you for living in the suburbs where fresh air, parks, and nature surround you. You’ll feel more refreshed and energized.

4. Increased Safety

Generally speaking, the suburbs have lower crime rates than cities. As a result, you’ll feel more comfortable letting your kids play outside or going for a jog in the neighborhood. Your home will be more secure, and you’ll enjoy more privacy if you buy a house in suburbia.


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