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Want to Know the History of Clowns? Local Magicians Explain May 4, 2018

Port Jefferson Station, Brookhaven
Want to Know the History of Clowns? Local Magicians Explain, Brookhaven, New York

Clowns are classic additions to children’s birthday parties, magic shows, and other special events. In fact, they’ve been providing entertainment since ancient times when their primary purpose was to amuse kings and queens. Ronjo Magic & Costumes of Port Jefferson Station, NY, has provided entertainment like clowns and magicians for years and offer some fun facts about these performers.

A Brief History of Clowns

Ancient Origins

The earliest known clowns date back over 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. Then, their job was to sing, dance, and mimic the gods as a way of making the pharaohs happy. In ancient China, clowns played similar roles, merrymaking for the Imperial Court. However, it wouldn’t be long before clowns took their place as stock characters in ancient Greek and Roman theater.

Modern Development

During the Elizabethan period, clowns became even more prominent in the theater. Shakespeare popularized the idea of the fool — or clown — in his plays, which were routinely performed before the queen’s court. When the first modern circus debuted in London in the late 1700s, clowns were included for additional entertainment value since their popularity had risen. 

Present Day

magiciansToday, you may find clowns in theaters, circuses, birthday parties, festivals, and movies. Whether they are jolly, sad, or downright frightening, there’s no denying that clowns continue to have a major impact on popular culture. When you hire a clown for your next special event, know that you’re participating in a rich, longstanding piece of entertainment history. 

Whether in ancient times or modern day, clowns have become a cultural staple. From birthday parties to bar mitzvahs, allow the magicians and other entertainers at Ronjo Magic & Costumes to amaze your guests. Give them a call at (631) 928-5005 today to speak with a welcoming customer service representative about booking magicians or balloon artists for your next event. Visit their website to find out more about their services.

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