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Why Opt for Structural Steel Frame Construction? May 4, 2018

Floresville, Wilson
Why Opt for Structural Steel Frame Construction?, Floresville, Texas

Whether you plan to construct a small office or a large commercial complex, choosing the right material for the framing is as important as any other aspect of the project. Although there are many options available, adding structural steel has several benefits. From assembly time to savings and environmental effects, here is how this option will aid your construction project. 

Fast Assembly

If framing materials aren’t sized correctly, fixing the errors throws a wrench in the construction. The delays could add additional time and money to the entire project. However, structural steel parts are prefabricated by the manufacturer to correspond with the specific dimensions the builder requests, shaving considerable time off of the installation. By choosing this framing, you can rest assured the project will remain on schedule and in budget.

Long-Term Savings 

structural steelBecause structural steel is designed to be durable, selecting the material for a construction project will save money in commercial building maintenance costs down the line. It is fire- and weather-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about repairing or replacing materials due to sagging, warping, cracking, or other damage. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint

If you’re looking for eco-friendly metal building materials, opting to use structural steel for construction will reduce your carbon footprint. The materials are usually sourced from recycled goods, which means natural resources aren’t depleted to mine for it. There are often state and federal tax benefits associated with constructing and maintaining steel buildings, providing further incentive to use the material.   


If you need high-quality building materials for construction projects in Floresville, TX, or the surrounding areas, reach out to OBR Metal Buildings and Components for assistance. Beyond helping you navigate the extensive inventory of products, the team will also provide construction suggestions to add to the quality and comfort of your buildings. To learn more about structural steel products available in Wilson County, or schedule a service consultation, call (830) 216-2022. You can also reach out to them online and follow them on Facebook for additional information.

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