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3 Indications Your Office Is in Need of Multigenerational Leadership Training May 4, 2018

Dix Hills, Huntington
3 Indications Your Office Is in Need of Multigenerational Leadership Training, Huntington, New York

Corporate environments often contain employees of all ages, but that doesn’t mean they’ll work well together simply because they share office space. Many enterprises require multigenerational leadership training to help their teams reach their full potential. There are some common indicators your office could be in need of such help.

3 Signs You Need Multigenerational Leadership Training in Your Business

1. Retention Issues 

Many millennial employees find that hopping from job to job every few years helps them increase their earnings. But for an employer, this presents big problems, because it is not cheap to replace these employees. That’s why many facing this scenario can benefit from leadership training tailored to help them increase millennial retention rates. By limiting generational conflicts and building stronger personal relationships with employees of all ages, you’ll be able to form a more well-rounded staff, which quickly translates into corporate success. 

2. Poor Execution 

leadership-trainingMultigenerational workplaces often suffer from execution issues because of poor communication and collaboration. People of different ages work differently, so it’s important to be able to turn this into a strength rather than a weakness. Multigenerational leadership training enables staff members to develop the tools they need to create an atmosphere where all generations feel they’re receiving the respect and attention they deserve. It also allows staff to foster the independence they need to excel. Allowing employees to do what works best for them often benefits the entire team once they’re ready to collaborate with each other. 

3. Generational Conflict

Direct conflicts between generational staff members signifies a real problem in the workplace. Some of the most common issues are poor communication, differences in work ethic, and different work/life balances. You never want two team members to have problems with each other, so make an effort to bridge this gap of understanding. Do so by improving communication and collaboration techniques, as well as assessing whether these generational conflicts are directly related to work, or other issues have come into play between staff members. 


For more information on how your office could benefit from multigenerational leadership training in the Long Island, NY, area, contact Michele Rebetti, at Crestcom KEY Alliance. Whether you’re in need of senior management services, or more specific corporate training, Crestcom KEY Alliance can help. Call (631) 704-7300 to speak to a representative, or like them on Facebook for more tips and regular updates. 

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