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What Is the Difference Between Dental Crowns & Bridges? May 4, 2018

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What Is the Difference Between Dental Crowns & Bridges? , Staunton, Virginia

Among the numerous solutions for missing, chipped, or broken teeth are dental crowns and bridges. Both are prosthetics used to restore your smile and contribute to a healthy, functional bite. Here, Jeffrey E. Bang, DMD, PC, a family dentist in Staunton, VA, explains the differences between these effective and long-lasting dental restorations.

Crown Info & Maintenance

Dental crowns cap broken teeth, improving their shape and preventing the need for extractions. They also keep damaged teeth from shifting and causing misalignment issues. The prosthetics come in gold, metal alloy, porcelain, acrylic, and ceramic forms, with alloys generally recommended for back teeth due to their strength and durability. Ceramic and porcelain crowns are frequently made to match tooth color.

crownsAdditional crown uses include protection for a weak or fractured tooth, cover for a misshapen or severely discolored tooth, and as a cap for a tooth that received a root canal. They also attach to dental implants, replace fillings, and connect to bridges.

Crowns typically last 15 to 20 years or more with the right care, including daily brushing and flossing, semi-annual dental visits, and avoiding sticky foods that could dislodge crowns.

Bridge Info & Maintenance

Dental bridges replace one or several missing teeth to prevent shifting, maintain bite and face shape, restore chewing ability, and create a brilliant smile. The replacement tooth in a dental bridge is the pontic and the teeth providing the anchor between the pontic are abutments. Abutments are covered by crowns to hold the prosthetic in place. Bridges are made of ceramic or porcelain to achieve a natural look. They last seven to 10 years with proper care, including daily brushing and flossing, routine dental visits, and avoiding excessively hard foods.

Jeffrey E. Bang, DMD, PC provides the high-quality crowns and bridges patients need to enjoy beautiful, healthy smiles, as well as tips for keeping the restorations in great condition. Dr. Bang and his friendly team offer general, cosmetic, and pediatric dental care services, as well as emergency care. The family dentist also creates detailed, customized dental plans for each patient and provides valuable tips for maintaining your teeth and gums between visits. Call (540) 885-8667 to schedule an appointment today. See what patients are saying about the family dentist on Yelp®.

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