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5 Pieces of Clothing to Wear for Your Upcoming Race May 4, 2018

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5 Pieces of Clothing to Wear for Your Upcoming Race, Washington, Ohio

When you have a race coming up, planning your running attire is almost as important as training your body for the big day. You want to have clothing and footwear that is comfortable, temperature appropriate, and supportive throughout the run. Here are five articles of clothing to get for your upcoming race.

What to Wear on Race Day

1. Running Shoes

runningThe most critical piece of equipment for a runner is their shoes. Make sure the pair you select fit perfectly and have the proper support for your entire foot. Give yourself time to break them in; attempting a race in brand-new running shoes will cause discomfort and blisters. Ensure your sneakers are broken in no later than two weeks before the race.

2. Socks

Avoid cotton and choose polyester, acrylic, or wicking material that will keep moisture in check. Cotton remains wet, which will make your run uncomfortable. For winter running, opt for wool blends, or consider double-layer socks that protect against blisters.

3. Sports Bra

For female runners, having a good sports bra keeps you comfortable all day. Choose one that provides enough support but isn’t tight on your shoulders or across your back. Pick breathable styles that have mesh or wicking to keep sweat regulated while insulating your body.

4. Shorts or Pants

Spandex shorts or pants work well. Since the fabric fits snugly to your body, you won’t have any bulky, loose clothing weighing or slowing you down. Many short options also have pockets for carrying essentials. Lycra prevents chafing and keeps your muscles warm. You can also look for running tights that will keep your whole leg warm during the run.

5. Tops

While a running t-shirt or tank made from breathable wicking fabric is great, especially in warmer temperatures, a running vest actually affords you more air circulation. When the weather is cooler or there is some precipitation, opt for long-sleeved thermal tops to keep your muscles warm and prevent chills as you move. Layer with a short-sleeved shirt if you tend to overheat and need to peel away the outer piece of clothing.


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