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The Main Reasons Why Bradford Pear Trees Split May 3, 2018

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The Main Reasons Why Bradford Pear Trees Split, Oak Ridge, North Carolina

Bradford pear trees are often favored by homeowners because they have beautiful springtime blooms and grow relatively quickly. Unfortunately, they can easily damage and split at the canopy. Here, the tree service experts at Eldridge Arborists & Landscaping in Oak Ridge, NC, explain the cause of these splits and how you can prevent them. 

Why Do Bradford Pears Split?

These trees have a life expectancy of about 18 to 25 years so they grow at a fast pace, with each branch and twig sprouting upwards. This causes many limbs to crowd around the trunk, or base, of the tree. The higher the branches grow, the weaker they become. After a while, the offshoots begin to crowd each other. The limbs will continue to expand and add pressure to surrounding branches and cause them to pull downward. Over time, the center of the canopy starts to look sparse and splits, which many people find unattractive. The addition of weakened dry wood from drought, heavy winds, and water weight from rain increases the risk of splits as well as broken branches.

How Do You Prevent Them From Splitting?

tree serviceScheduling regular tree service to prune and trim your Bradford pears will keep them in stable condition. Pruning allows air to flow, reduces wind resistance, and eliminates excessive breakage. It’s best to prune the trees when they are young to prolong their life, but it’s never too late to try salvaging them. The arborist will thin out closely spaced limbs and remove vertically growing branches from the trunk to lessen the strain. The tree service can also top the crown of the Bradford pears to provide immediate relief, minimize the splitting effect, and keep them looking their best.

Keep your Bradford pear trees beautiful by contacting the tree service professionals at Eldridge Arborist & Landscaping. This family-owned and -operated company has the skills and expertise to keep your yard safe and visually appealing. Whether you need tree removal, maintenance, or 24-hour emergency service, these arborists will find a solution that best suits your needs. For more information about their pruning and removal services, call (336) 423-7133 or visit their website.

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