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3 Essential FAQ About Refurbished Apple® Products May 7, 2018

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3 Essential FAQ About Refurbished Apple® Products, Huntersville, North Carolina

Apple® devices are popular because of their beautiful design, intuitive functionality, and reliability. However, not everyone is ready to pay the high price for a brand-new device. Fortunately, purchasing a refurbished Apple product will give you the same quality at a much lower cost. Many people have questions and reservations about buying a pre-owned device, and the following guide will provide the answers you need.

What to Know About Buying Refurbished Apple Products

1. What Does Refurbished Mean?

A common misconception is “refurbished” is the same as used. However, there is an important distinction: used devices contain all the original parts. If the battery is old and unable to hold a charge or the case is scratched and broken, those problems still exist when you buy it. Refurbished devices, on the other hand, get replacement parts before they’re resold. Technicians put in a brand-new battery, screen, and outer casing, as well as repair the software. The product you receive is a like-new device that works just as well as it did when it came out of the box.

2. Are They Tested?

refurbished apple productEvery refurbished Apple product goes through a rigorous set of tests before it’s approved for sale to ensure the hardware and software work as well as a brand-new product. If the device doesn’t pass the inspection, the technician will identify the problem and either repair or replace the component at fault. Each time a repair or replacement like this is made, they’ll put the device through the whole set of tests again.

3. How Much Money Can I Save?

It depends on which Apple devices you are looking at and what kind of features or upgrades you want to include. In general, however, buying refurbished instead of new will always be the more affordable option. In addition, Experimac Huntersville will buy your old device, giving you extra money to put toward your purchase.

If you’re ready to upgrade your phone without breaking the bank, check out the refurbished Apple products at Experimac Huntersville in North Carolina. Their team has extensive experience repairing and restoring Apple devices of all kinds. Whether you want an iMac®, iPhone®, or iPad®, you’ll find a premier selection on their website. You can also bring in the devices you already own for repairs and upgrades. Call (704) 727-5333 to learn more about the products and services they offer.

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