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3 Tips for Carrying Concealed Guns April 25, 2018

Carrollton, Carroll
3 Tips for Carrying Concealed Guns, Carrollton, Kentucky

Whether you simply enjoy hunting and target practice or you’re determined to protect your home and family, investing in guns is a good idea. But what if you want to step it up a notch? When you carry a concealed weapon, you can safely and confidently protect yourself and those around you. Extensive training and vigilant adherence to regulations are essential throughout the licensing process. Below, the professionals at Glauber's Sports, located in Carrollton, KY, share a few helpful tips that will enable you to adjust to carrying a gun.

How to Carry a Concealed Gun

1. Get a Holster You Love

Once you’ve got a gun you’re comfortable with, you’ll need to find a holster to carry it in. There are a lot of different options available, so you might need to try out a few different ones before you settle on something. Find one that you can wear comfortably and will help you stay safe and responsible as you carry your concealed gun.

2. Get Comfortable With Your Gun

GunsAs you adjust to carrying concealed weapons, take the time to get used to wearing them in private before you try it in public. Wear them around the house while you do everyday activities, so you can be sure you won’t accidentally expose a weapon to grasping hands. Keeping your guns out of inexperienced hands is as important as keeping them out of violent ones.

3. Don’t Give It Away

Concealing your weapon is important as you’ll have an advantage over adversaries and won’t have to give uncomfortable explanations to everyone else. Enjoy the discretion that concealed carrying allows by not touching your gun in public. You might not realize it, but this draws attention to it, and people will notice. Act casual and pretend that you don’t even have a gun.

With a broad inventory of guns and archery equipment, you can find all your hunting necessities at Glauber's Sports. This family-owned business has served locals for more than 50 years. With them, you will find all the gear and hunting accessories you need to pursue your favorite hobby and protect your property. To learn more, call them today at (502) 732-4005 or visit their website.

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