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4 Facts About the Well Rehabilitation Process May 2, 2018

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4 Facts About the Well Rehabilitation Process, Shell Lake, Wisconsin

Whether you live too far away from a municipal water supplier or you enjoy the independence of living off the land, installing a well on your property is an ideal option. But over time, if not properly maintained, the well may decline in its production. This is where well rehabilitation comes into play. Here, the team at DMB Drilling Co Inc located in Shell Lake, WI, shares some helpful details about the process. 

What to Know About Well Rehabilitation

1. Various Causes

Well rehabilitation refers to the process of restoring a water well to its original functionality. There are different problems that can necessitate this repair. Contamination from bio-organisms, sand and gravel clogging, mineral deposits, corrosion, and other problems can cause a well to lose its ability to pump healthy water effectively. Homeowners should keep an eye out for low water pressure or cloudy or sandy tap water.

2. Inspection

well rehabilitationWell rehabilitation begins with a thorough inspection. Contractors need to pinpoint the problem before they resolve it. Because of this, they will always start by reviewing the well’s past records. They may even insert a camera into the well to take a closer look at the issue. Once they inspect everything, they’ll select a rehabilitation method and begin the work. 

3. Different Techniques

One of the most common problems of wells losing their functionality is clogging caused by mineral buildups or sand and gravel deposits. With these issues, there are two techniques that can clear the well: mechanical or chemical rehabilitation. While many prefer the mechanical method because it’s safer for the environment and the well, the chemical method is also effective for clearing out those stubborn mineral deposits.

4. The Process

With a series of brushes and swabs, your well rehabilitation contractor can scrub out the perforations in the well’s casing. The debris they clear out may fall into the well, but they can easily remove it with a special tool called a bailer. With the increased functionality after a well rehabilitation, your pump won’t have to work as hard, you’ll save energy, and you can enjoy having all the water you need.

Are you looking for someone to get your well functioning like new again? With years of experience and excellent customer service, the professionals at DMB Drilling Co Inc can perform any well rehabilitation or drilling you need to keep the home safe and comfortable. Learn more about their excavation services by calling (715) 653-4202 or visiting their website.

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