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Pool Remodeling Pros Share 3 Filtration Issues to Watch For May 2, 2018

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Pool Remodeling Pros Share 3 Filtration Issues to Watch For, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

When preparing your swimming pool to enjoy this summer, the pool remodeling experts at Gutierrez Pool Plastering, in Plainfield, NJ, recommend giving each part of the filtration system a thorough inspection. This way, you can remedy minor issues before they lead to major problems that diminish pool safety, value, efficiency, and comfort. Even with proper care, there are a few common filtration problems you should keep on your radar. With adequate knowledge, you’ll be prepared to handle issues if they should arise to keep your pool in top shape.

Pool Remodeling Experts Explain Problems That Impact the Filtration System

1. Pressure Buildup Inside the Tank

If there is pressure buildup inside the tank of a sand-based pool filtration system, it could cause the laterals to crack open. If this happens, the fixtures could leak sand into the pool. Pressure problems are typically caused by compatibility issues with the filter and pump. If the filter is too small to accommodate the amount of water the pump can push through it, the sizing issue will result in high tank pressure. This can also happen if the filter cartridges need to be cleaned. Getting a smaller pump or rinsing out cartridges should fix the problem. 

2. Damaged Spider Gasket

Plainfield-New-Jersey-pool-remodelingLocated inside the multi-port valve of the filter is a spider gasket. If there are leaks around the valve, or you notice water coming out of the waste line when the valve is set at filter mode, call a pool repair specialist for help. If the valve was adjusted while the pump was running, the gasket might be damaged. Depending on the severity of the problem, a technician can determine whether the part needs replacement.

3. Worn Grids in DE Filters

If the pool has diatomaceous earth, or DE filters, consider swapping out the old grids for new equipment at the start of the season. If the grids are worn, there is a good chance tears have developed on the surface. When this happens, DE powder could seep into the pool. If equipment is fully intact, the seepage could be a result of too much added powder when servicing the grids. Ask a pool contractor for help when determining how much powder is needed to charge the equipment. 

If you need qualified professionals to care for your pool plumbing or provide chemical balancing and plastering solutions to improve the quality of your investment, the pool remodeling team at Gutierrez Pool Plastering will help. They’ll also provide maintenance tips to prevent problems down the line. To schedule a service appointment in Short Hills, Mendham, Bernardsville, Plainfield, or the surrounding areas, call (908) 756-7585. Visit the company online to see pictures of their pool remodeling projects. 

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