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5 Key Signs That Your Electric or Acoustic Guitar Needs to Be Restrung May 3, 2018

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5 Key Signs That Your Electric or Acoustic Guitar Needs to Be Restrung , Centerville, Ohio

Many guitarists wait until a string snaps to restring their instrument. However, whether you play an electric or acoustic guitar, you should change your strings well before they’re on their last limb. In general, aim to replace your strings every few months to maintain optimal acoustics. If you notice one of these five symptoms, you may be due for a replacement.

Does Your Electric or Acoustic Guitar Need to Be Restrung?

guitar repair1. Gunk & Grit  

Feel the underside of the string. If it feels like it’s accumulated with gunk and debris, then you should swap it out. This material that you feel may consist of rust, oil, and dead skin cells — all of which can hinder your performance.

2. Dirty Fingerboard

If this gunky residue continues to accumulate, it will likely make its way to the fingerboard. If you notice a grayish substance on your fingerboard, then it may be time to replace your strings as well as clean the area. Use a specially-formulated fingerboard guitar cleaning solution to get the job done. Many people also use lemon oil to clean this part of their instrument.  

3. Dull Sound

New, properly-strung strings sound vibrant and piercing. Over time, this sound quality will begin to erode. If the string sounds dull or bland when you strum, it’s time to restring.

4. Out of Tune

When your guitar’s out of tune, sometimes, you simply need to retune it. Other times, faulty strings can be to blame for intonation or vibration problems. If you’re not sure, take your guitar to a professional.

5. Discoloration    

If you notice darkening and discoloration where your fingers pluck the strings, it may be time for a replacement. This discoloration signifies wear and tear that could impact your performance. Once you restring, your strings will look shiny again and play sharper.


Are you not sure whether it’s time to replace your strings? Contact the experts who can provide answers. The professionals from Centerville Music, in Dayton, OH, specialize in electric and acoustic guitar services and are skilled in instrument repair services of all kinds. Whether you need to pick up a new guitar pedal, need support with restringing, or would like to enroll in music lessons, the shop is your one-stop music destination. To learn more about the establishment, visit the website, Twitter, and Facebook. You may also call today at (937) 436-2000

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