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4 Perks of Switching to Zoned Heating & Cooling May 2, 2018

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4 Perks of Switching to Zoned Heating & Cooling, Monroeville, Alabama

From fine-tuning temperature settings to conserving energy, there are many benefits of upgrading to zoned heating and cooling systems. Not only will your investment make you feel more comfortable in your home, but it will also save you plenty of money. Conrad Watson Air Conditioning of Monroeville, AL, wants you to know more about the advantages of zoned units. Continue reading for more information from your local HVAC contractor.

4 Benefits of Zoned Heating & Cooling

1. Customize Your Thermostat

heatingOne of the best reasons to switch to a zoned HVAC system is that it will provide you with the luxury of programming different temperatures throughout your home. For example, if the upstairs gets particularly warm during the summer, you can cool it individually without having to waste energy on cooling your entire home. 

2. Lower Utility Bills

Since zoned heating and cooling systems do not have to work as hard to make your home feel comfortable, you’ll notice lower utility bills from month to month. This is because zoned units use only the energy required to heat and cool specific areas of your home according to your preferences. 

3. Cool & Heat Your Home Evenly

Most HVAC systems do not provide uniform cooling and heating. Zoned units, on the other hand, are perfect for ensuring even temperatures throughout your home. They are especially convenient for regulating any particularly cold or hot spots in your residence. 

4. Make Your Family Happy

Last but not least, zoned heating and cooling is a great way to make sure each member of your family feels comfortable. This is particularly convenient for bedtime since people tend to have vastly different preferences as to whether they sleep in cool or warm rooms.

When you’re ready to enjoy the many advantages of zoned heating and cooling systems, put your trust in products and services from Conrad Watson Air Conditioning. Give this HVAC contractor a call at (251) 575-4196 to speak with a representative about scheduling an installation or maintenance appointment. Visit them online, too, to find out more about their inventory and solutions. 

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