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What You Need to Know About Your Thyroid Gland May 2, 2018

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What You Need to Know About Your Thyroid Gland, Seattle, Washington

Your thyroid gland, located in the center of your neck just below your throat, is responsible for producing crucial hormones that help your body operate smoothly. That’s why primary care physicians often recommend understanding how this gland works, so you can better identify and treat symptoms. If you’re concerned about your health and wellness, here’s what you should know about your thyroid. 

What You Should Know About Your Thyroid

1. It Affects Total Body Function

Primary Care PhysicianThe key function of your thyroid gland is to produce hormones known as triiodothyronine and thyroxine. These essential hormones help your body operate. In fact, this gland influences your weight, bone healing, blood flow, fertility, and skin condition. 

2. Women Are More Likely to Experience Trouble

While primary care physicians still debate the reason, women are nearly five times more likely to experience thyroid disorders. As such, it’s important for women to understand the symptoms of an overactive or underactive thyroid gland, so they can seek attention at a trusted medical clinic when needed. 

3. Hypothyroidism & Hyperthyroidism Have Different Symptoms

An underactive thyroid gland, or hypothyroidism, can result in a variety of symptoms, from dry skin and fatigue to weight gain, facial swelling, and sensitivity to cold. Should this gland overproduce hormones, an ailment known as hyperthyroidism, patients will experience a different and often opposing set of symptoms, including unexplained weight loss, sensitivity to heat, excessive perspiration, irritability, and trouble sleeping. 

4. It’s Crucial to Perform Self-Checks & Schedule Routine Health Exams

If you’re concerned about the overall health of your thyroid gland, make a habit of performing self-checks. Using a hand mirror, evaluate the appearance of your neck, right above the collarbone. Next, tip your head back, take a sip of water, and observe your neck as you swallow. Should you notice any protrusions, schedule an appointment with your primary care physician right away. 


Emerald City Medical Arts, based in the heart of Seattle, WA, is a comprehensive medical clinic proudly serving patients throughout the local community. If you’re looking for a primary care physician to check your thyroid and perform routine health exams, an experienced member of their staff is ready to provide compassionate care. To schedule your first appointment, call their office today at (206) 281-1616. For more information on the myriad of specialized services they provide, from laser dermatology to anxiety relief and addiction treatment, visit them online

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