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3 Strengths Only Experienced Excavators Bring to Your Project June 14, 2018

Rainy Lake, Koochiching
3 Strengths Only Experienced Excavators Bring to Your Project, Rainy Lake, Minnesota

A proper excavation is one of the most important parts of any home build. Local excavating contractors provide a service referred to as “site preparation,” which encompasses demolition, digging, and concrete filling for a new foundation. Proper site preparation leads to a much smoother building process and a safer home. Here’s what a local excavating contractor can bring to your build:

1. Quality

WithoutExcavating a well-laid foundation, a home build is bound to run into issues. An excavator starts by digging a deep, wide hole into the ground. They then lay forms in the bottom of the hole, on top of which the concrete is poured. If the forms cannot be laid flat, the concrete will seep out of the foundation, driving up your construction costs.

Unevenly-laid foundations lead to uneven homes, which can cause issues with doors, cracks in the wall, and windows that can’t close. Aim for quality when the foundation is first laid, and you’ll spend less on repairs down the line.

2. Speed

Depending on your contractor’s pay structure, a faster operation could save you lots of money. Experienced contractors are less likely to run into holdups for three reasons:

  • They’re prepared to respond to common problems on the site
  • They’ve had more time to test and implement effective protocols
  • They’ll come with more of the excavating equipment required for an efficient job.

These are all especially important when working with a demolition contractor, which adds time to your site preparation process.

3. Dependability

Transparency is the essence of the contractor-client relationship. Maintaining good relationships with their clients is one of the biggest ways contractors get more business — the longer a contractor has been around, the more they’ve proven themselves trustworthy. That means they’ll always give you an honest picture of how your project is developing and never charge you unfairly.


Local excavating contractor Up North Builders, Inc. has led Koochiching County in quality construction and customer service for 35 years. Their union-certified carpenters and excavators guarantee quality home builds, from the foundation to the shingles. Call Up North Builders, Inc. today at (215) 285-3635 or visit their website to get your estimate.