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3 Important Camp Benefits That Last All Year May 3, 2018

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3 Important Camp Benefits That Last All Year, Bowie, Texas

Sending your child to summer camp can encourage growth, independence, and socialization. Even though the experience only lasts for a few days, the lessons and impressions gained can last all year. This is especially true for camps aimed at kids with special needs. Below are a few benefits that can’t quite be replicated within the comfort of home.

How Camp Benefits Children Throughout the Year

1. Improved Social Skills

Summer camp is far from a solitary activity. By nature, participants have to interact with one another and work in teams for various activities. This can help children learn valuable lessons about making friends and being respectful of others, which will translate into the rest of the summer and the following school year.  Charis Hills Staff are skilled at facilitating relationship development among campers.  We encourage interaction and campers get used to the give and take of real life “Facetime” communication.  Because we have small groups, our campers are more comfortable interacting with one another.  Summer camp is just a natural environment to work on and develop social skills!

2. Boost Confidence Levels

campEspecially for kids with autism, ADHD, or other special needs, going to a camp specifically created with those needs in mind can show them that they’re not alone. They can get the chance to meet and spend time with other kids who deal with some of the same challenges and with professionals who are trained to teach and interact with kids who learn or interact differently. This can lead to improved confidence, which can help kids be happier and healthier throughout the rest of the year.  Trying new activities and being successful in developing skills in those activities is a great confidence booster.  Having the opportunity to participate in things like a camp dance or Talent Show is great for self-esteem.  Campers go home and have  “talking points” for sharing their summer and new experiences.  

3. Explore Values

Summer camps can also teach kids a variety of lessons that align with family values. For Christian families, a camp that includes lessons based on Jesus’s teachings can help kids strengthen their faith and live in a way that supports your family’s values. Counselor-lead outdoor activities also teach campers the importance of helping others, respecting the environment, and being kind.  Charis Hills Campers can model after their counselors who demonstrate that being a Christian is not just something we do on Sundays.


If you’re looking for a Christian summer camp for kids with special needs, look into Charis Hills Camp in Sunset, TX. Their staff offers helpful resources and activities geared specifically for kids with autism, ADD, ADHD, and other special needs and focuses on empowering campers’ spirituality and personal development. Call (940) 964-2145 to speak to the staff, and visit them online to learn more about what a typical day at camp looks like.

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