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3 Ways to Help Someone Who Lost Their Spouse April 25, 2018

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3 Ways to Help Someone Who Lost Their Spouse, Greece, New York

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy, and everyone has their unique way of coping. If a friend or family member recently lost their spouse, it’s natural to feel at a loss for finding the right words or showing support. From the first funeral home visit to the sensitive days that follow, here are a few ways to handle the situation with the utmost care and compassion. 

How to Assist When a Loved One’s Spouse Has Passed

1. Help With Everyday Responsibilities 

Even if your loved one is handling all the key responsibilities—including funeral home arrangements and details associated with their spouse's passing—they may need help in other areas. The grieving process can make even the smallest tasks seem insurmountable. Be there to provide relief with everyday activities like walking the dog, gathering or delivering mail, and other household chores. Check in with them often and help ease the burden with acts of service that show love and support. 

2. Be There When They're Ready

funeral homePatience is key to helping anyone through the various stages of grief. They may not always be ready to talk, and they may not even express interest in being around anyone, but you should make yourself available when necessary. In some cases, that means taking the reins with concrete offers—especially if they’re the type who prefers not to impose. If they’re unlikely to ask for help, be proactive. 

3. Be Patient & Understanding

There's no set time limit on the grieving period. Stick around through the ups and downs, and don’t reprimand them if there are days or weeks when they regress. Listen to how they feel and don’t minimize their experience by pressuring them to move on. However, you can help them by encouraging healthy behavior, like going outside for walks, meditating, and bringing or preparing healthy meals for them.


The Arndt Funeral Home LLC of Rochester, NY, has been helping families throughout the area since 1975. For those going through the grieving process or helping someone else do so, this locally-owned, full-service funeral home has a wealth of information to offer along with compassion and expertise. Visit them online for more on what to do when death occurs, and call (585) 225-6350 to speak with a representative at the funeral home today.

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