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Cosmetology School Explains Balayage & Ombre Hair May 2, 2018

Meeting House Hill, Boston
Cosmetology School Explains Balayage & Ombre Hair, Boston, Massachusetts

With summer just around the corner, requests for fresh and updated hairstyles flood salons across the country. Two of the season’s most popular trends are balayage and ombre; these hair coloring techniques are commonly mistaken for each other, but they are different concepts. The accredited cosmetology school instructors at Jupiter Beauty Academy in Boston, MA, provide a better explanation of their differences.

A Guide to Understanding Balayage & Ombre

What Is Balayage Technique?

When you request a balayage, you can expect an effortless, sun-kissed hair look. To create this effect, salon stylists will ‘sweep’ or add lighter color seamlessly into sections of your hair and highlight the ends of the stands. Doing so will help make the transition appear softer and natural by adding depth to your hair. This practice is a fundamental technique learned at cosmetology school as it is a favorite among salon-goers, especially in the warmer months.

What Is an Ombre Style?

cosmetology schoolAnother trending summer staple is the ombre hairstyle; this creates a stunning visual effect and is a must for any budding student of a beauty school to master. With this high-demand style, your hair will remain its natural color at the top of your head and gradually shift all in one into a lighter color towards the bottom. This change of color is much different than the subtle glow of a balayage since there are no darker sections left on the bottom of your hair. This look is a bit more striking and bold.

If you’re looking to refresh your summer hairstyles with a beautiful, affordable haircut, trust a salon professional to give you the style you’re looking for. The services offered by Jupiter Beauty Academy’s accredited faculty and their cosmetology school students will fully accommodate your needs. You can schedule an appointment today or learn more about their nail and facial services by calling (617) 288-1811.

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