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What You Need to Know About Cremation May 1, 2018

Flatlands, Brooklyn
What You Need to Know About Cremation, Brooklyn, New York

Losing a loved one is devastating, and attempting to handle the arrangements alone becomes overwhelming. The team at Tri State Direct Cremation in Brooklyn, NY, understands how complicated the decision-making process feels, especially when choosing between cremation and burial. To help you learn more about your options, the specialists answer some of the most common questions they receive regarding cremation.

4 FAQs About Cremation

What's Needed to Begin the Process?

After the passing of a loved one occurs, contact your funeral home to begin the next steps in the process. In some states, like New York, a permit must be submitted and approved before the cremation process can begin. If you'd like an open-casket funeral service, embalming is required, but with a direct cremation, the process begins as soon as the permit is approved.

Who Is Allowed to Authorize Cremation?

cremationIf you're making the choice for yourself, you can legally authorize how your remains are handled with a last will and testament or through official pre-planning documentation. If your loved one didn't leave any instructions before their death, the decision goes to the spouse or domestic partner, followed by any children over the age of 18. 

Can a Funeral or Memorial Service Accompany Cremation?

The style of remembrance you choose is based solely on personal preference and not how the remains are handled. With the direct method, a memorial service occurs with the urn present after the process is completed. If you wish for a more traditional funeral, the service will be scheduled before the remains are processed.

What Happens to the Ashes?

The ashes are given to the next of kin in an urn. You can choose from a variety of urn options, from simple containers to decorative boxes. You can keep ashes in an urn indefinitely and have them scattered or buried. As for the latter two options, there are legal and cemetery restrictions that determine how they take place, so ask your funeral director for assistance gathering permits and information regarding local laws.

You should never have to go through the grieving process by yourself. The team at Tri State Direct Cremation is dedicated to relieving the stress of surviving family members with their affordable cremation options. With prompt, compassionate, and honest service, the staff will help you choose a package that meets your personal preferences and budgetary needs. Request a free consultation any time of the day or night by calling their Brooklyn location at (347) 470-1515, and for more details about their specialties, visit them online.

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