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As we age, most of us are worrying about how healthy our bones are. Bones become naturally more porous the longer they are in use, and as bone density plummets in our fifties, breaks become a real possibility for everyone, especially women. Some have broken bones during daily activities as simple as getting off the couch, which makes investing in a healthy life through regular exercise and a healthy diet one that pays off every year we keep using our bones.

A proper diet rich in calcium and vitamin D is a great way to build stronger bones. So is exercise, especially weight bearing exercise, which naturally stimulates rebuilding at the bone core. Osteogenic loading, OsteoStrong’s specialty system, stimulates the brain and body’s peak rebuilding triggers through brief, intensive resistance training. It only takes about ten minutes a week, clients don’t break a sweat, and everyone from children to nonagenarians have seen clear results for stronger muscles, better bone density, and improved balance in just a few weeks.

However, even though diet and exercise are ideal ways to keep bones healthy, there’s another key criteria that may just boost bone health as we age—happiness.

A recent study from the University of Eastern Finland reported that women who are satisfied with life tend to have higher bone density. Researchers examined data from a long-term osteoporosis study that began in 1999 and examined surveys from more than 2,100 women between ages 60 and 70. They rated their lives according to basic criteria, such as ease of life, happiness overall, and feelings of loneliness.

Ten years later, just over 1,100 women took part in the follow up. Participants overall lost an average of 4 percent bone density, but the gap between those who reported a low versus high life satisfaction ranged up to 52 percent.

Those who increased their satisfaction with life over that time span showed some bone density improvement. However, those whose satisfaction decreased had 85 percent weaker bone density than those whose satisfaction improved.

It’s possible that happier people are more likely to eat well, exercise more, and smoke less, all of which lead to better bones. But it’s also possible that happiness lends its own healing magic to every inch of the body. So we say, take care of yourself and live the best life you can, but make a point of enjoying every moment along the way.

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