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Need a Summer Furniture Update? 5 Fresh Interior Design Tips to Try in 2018 April 30, 2018

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Need a Summer Furniture Update? 5 Fresh Interior Design Tips to Try in 2018, Anchorage, Alaska

When it comes to interior design, it’s important to continually refresh your house with new ideas to keep the space looking modern and preserving its functionality. The strategic addition of quality furniture and high-end decor will bring the space to life, making it feel like an updated version of the home you know and love. Luckily, interior design trends arise each year and fit perfectly into the most popular aesthetics homeowners choose for their properties. In 2018, consider these five aesthetically-pleasing furniture upgrades for your family. 

5 Modern Interior Design Trends to Implement in 2018

1. Neutral Leather Furniture

In 2018, the return of leather furniture is on the rise. The key to making the most of the trend is to opt for neutral tones for your leather pieces. Couches, chairs, and ottomans should all be cognac or beige colored to create a minimalistic aesthetic that lends to bolder accents. 

2. Boho Bedrooms

Ready to update your personal space with a bedroom overhaul? Keep bohemian tones in mind when choosing new furniture. Bed frames, dressers, and vanities made from light or distressed wood will bring a natural, casual vibe to your bedroom, striking a perfect balance between eclectic and modern.

3. Outdoor Furniture Inside

interior designLove the feel of outdoor furniture? One of 2018’s most unique interior design trends includes bringing outdoor-style furniture inside. Materials like wicker and raffia are making a major comeback, but this time they are taking over in the living room, kitchen, and even dining rooms. The outdoor style makes dining or relaxing inside feel like an evening spent under the stars.

4. Organic Shapes

Gone are the days of funky, eclectically shaped couches and chairs. Instead, opt for something more simple and streamlined. Basic loveseats and L-shaped couches will reappear in trendy homes everywhere as they appeal to a classic aesthetic and modern styling. 

5. Small Color Pops

Sick of bright, bold hues splashed across your family room? Minimize the large, eye-catching color installations and go for smaller pops of vibrant color instead. A uniquely bright lounge chair or whimsical ottoman can bring life into the room without going overboard. 


Interested in learning more about the popular interior design trends in Anchorage, AK? Get in touch with the team at Furniture Classics to learn what works for your space. For 25 years, they have served the local community with furniture made from high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Whether you’re focused on recreating the general aesthetic in your home or simply looking to make a few meaningful updates, you can trust that you’re making a valuable investment. Visit them online for more help or call at (907) 278-6844.

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