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Common Types of Dental Sedation & What Will Work for You May 1, 2018

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Common Types of Dental Sedation & What Will Work for You, High Point, North Carolina

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal, but if you get anxiety before appointments, you’re not alone. Sedation is a perfect solution to help you relax during procedures. There are several sedative options, several of which are listed below. 

What Types of Sedation Are Used for Dentistry? 

For the lowest sedative, which is inhaled minimal sedation, a dentist will administer a combination of nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” mixed with oxygen. Varying amounts can be given based on the level of anxiety you are feeling and the results wear off quickly after the procedure. Oral sedation is minimal or moderate. You’ll be given a pill prior to the procedure and stay awake but feel drowsy, though some people do fall asleep. This is one of the most common sedatives in dentistry. Moderate sedation often uses an IV to inject a sedative drug. It works quickly and the dentist can control the amount administered. Finally, with deep sedation or anesthesia, a medication is given that puts the patient either completely under or on the edge of consciousness. 

Which One Is Best for You? 

dentistThe best level of sedation for your needs will depend on a few factors. A dentist will assess your past medical history to determine if sedation is right for you. If you suffer from issues such as anxiety, tooth sensitivity, a sensitive gag reflex, or you have a low threshold for pain, you’ll likely be a candidate for sedation to make your dental work easier and stress-free. 


You deserve a dentist who works hard to make you feel comfortable while receiving high-quality dental care. At High Point Smile Dentistry in North Carolina, their team strives to do just that, and they provide excellent dental services while utilizing the latest technology and techniques. For over 15 years, they’ve offered products and services including porcelain crowns, root canals, tooth extraction, cleanings, and restorative dentistry. For more information, visit their website or call (336) 884-4000 to make an appointment. 

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