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Your Guide to the Different Styles of Carpet April 30, 2018

Breese, Clinton
Your Guide to the Different Styles of Carpet, Breese, Illinois

Carpet is a wonderful flooring material. It helps to provide insulation, reduce noise, and make a home feel more comfortable. However, it is also incredibly tricky to purchase if you don’t know what to look for. The guide below will help you better understand the main differences between carpeting and make selecting the right one for your home easier.

Loop Pile

When loop pile carpet is being constructed, the manufacturers thread the fiber through the backing and back through the front, leaving the loops intact. This allows them to create many different patterns and textures in the material; it also makes the fibers very durable and stain resistant. The main types of loop pile include:

  • Level Loop or Berber: This features all of the loops at a uniform height and often creates a unique texture of low and tight loops. It’s excellent for rooms with a lot of foot traffic as it doesn’t show footprints and is incredibly durable and stain resistant.
  • Multi-Level Loop or High-Low Loop: This carpeting uses loops in various heights to create textures or patterns in the material. It holds up well in medium- to high-traffic areas.
  • Sisal: This loop carpeting is made from a series of textured loops that run in straight rows to create a pattern. It tends to have tighter loops than the other two, so it feels stiffer under your feet; however, this does make it excellent for high-traffic areas.

Cut Pile

carpet Breese ILThe primary style difference of cut pile carpets is that the fiber tips have been cut so there are no loops. This often makes them softer and denser choices. A few you might encounter include:

  • Plush: This carpeting is usually short and features slightly twisted fiber strands, so they can stand upright. It will often have a soft, velvety texture that is excellent for creating a formal appearance; however, as it is prone to shading and tracking, it is recommended for rooms with low to medium traffic.
  • Twist: This type of cut pile carpeting features highly twisted fibers that point in different directions. This allows it to have the same luxury appearance as plush, but it is less likely to show footprints or tracking, making it better for high-traffic areas.
  • Saxony: Consisting of evenly cut and twisted fibers, this carpet is popular both because of its classy appearance and soft touch. The fibers are densely packed to make it more capable of standing up in busy areas and to allow it to remain comfortable.


Now that you know the primary differences between carpet materials, contact the experts at The Design Studio in Breese, IL, about installing the right flooring option for your home. This home remodeling service only uses high-quality materials and will use their knowledge to find the product that best matches your needs and style preferences. Visit their website today to learn more about their flooring installation services and call them at (618) 526-8840 to discuss your upcoming project.

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