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3 Summertime Septic Maintenance Tips June 18, 2019

Waterloo, Monroe
3 Summertime Septic Maintenance Tips , Waterloo, Illinois

Summer is a busy time for many households across the country. The kids are home from school, and the weather makes it the ideal season for entertaining. All of this extra activity will most likely result in additional water usage, which affects your septic system. To keep it working as usual, below are some tips you should follow.

How to Maintain Your Septic System Throughout Summer

1. Space Out Your Laundry

Your household probably uses more water than normal during this time of year. If you do all of your laundry in one day, it can overwork your septic system and might cause an overflow. To avoid this, spread the loads out across the week so the wastewater in the tank has time to settle and empty into your leach field without causing a clog.

2. Avoid Flushing Anything Besides Toilet Paper

septic systemWith more people coming and going during the summer, items that shouldn’t be flushed down your drains may make their way into your septic tank. To avoid filling it up quicker than normal, have a discussion with your family about items that shouldn’t be flushed. This should include hygiene products, grease and oils, coffee grounds, hair, paper towels, and “disposable” wipes.

3. Limit Sprinkler Usage

If you have sprinklers that will come into contact with your drain field, use them minimally during the summer. Water is already filtered into the surrounding area through the leach field, and adding too much additional moisture can oversaturate the soil and harm the grass. You can also prevent overflow into the leach field by pumping your tank before the season begins and keeping an eye on it afterward.


If you experience any problems with your septic system this summer, get in touch with the team at J & J Septic & Sewer Cleaning. The family-owned and -operated company provides septic tank pumping and cleaning services to the Waterloo, IL, region and offers same-day service for your convenience. Schedule an appointment with them today by calling (618) 939-3001, and visit their website to learn more about their services. 

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