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3 Common Causes of Water Damage & How to Avoid Them April 30, 2018

3 Common Causes of Water Damage & How to Avoid Them, ,

Water damage to homes and office buildings is a regular occurrence, and it often requires a professional cleaning company to deal with the fallout. To help you avoid the cost and hassle of water damage restoration, Servpro of Columbia, an experienced carpet cleaning and mold remediation service in Columbia, MO, outlines some of the most common causes of water damage below and suggests ways to avoid them.

Top 3 Sources of Water Damage

1. Burst Pipes

A burst pipe can spill hundreds of gallons of water into your living or office space before you close the main shut-off valve. Pipe damage of this sort typically only happens due to freezing, so it's imperative that you insulate pipes that run along exterior walls or through unheated areas. It's also a good idea to leave bathroom and cabinet doors open on very cold days to let warm indoor air reach the pipes under your sinks. If you will be away during a cold spell, leave faucets running slightly—even just a drip every few seconds—to prevent freezing.

2. Malfunctioning Appliances

Water damage restorationA broken dishwasher, a malfunctioning ice maker in your fridge, or a burst water heater can all result in a flood of water. The best remedy for this is to have your appliances serviced regularly to prevent problems before they arise. Early detection should help you avoid expensive mishaps and the need for water damage restoration.

3. Storms or Flooding

It's difficult to guard against an unexpected storm or flood, and this type of event is likely to cause the most damage. Aside from erecting flood-barriers on your doors and garage entry, or moving your home or office out of a floodplain region, there is little you can do but purchase enough flood insurance to cover the costs if disaster strikes. Be sure to keep the number of a reliable water damage restoration service on hand.

The events above are all fairly common, and the resulting water damage can lead to further problems if not addressed quickly. For fast, reliable cleaning service, contact Servpro of Columbia, your resource for water damage restoration and mold remediation in Columbia, MO. They've been serving the region faithfully for 50 years and have a stellar reputation for service and results. Visit their website to submit an information request, or call (573) 449-1999 to schedule service.

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