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3 Reasons to Take Advantage of Custom Picture Framing May 1, 2018

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3 Reasons to Take Advantage of Custom Picture Framing, Martinsburg, West Virginia

Whether you’re putting together an impressive collection or you acquired a special print from a loved one, all artwork needs a frame before it goes on the wall. It will protect the painting, photograph, or print from damage while adding to the quality of the display. Although you can buy one at the store, there are several reasons to opt for custom picture framing instead.

Why Choose Custom Picture Framing?

1. One-of-a-Kind Display

When you opt for custom picture framing, you have creative control over the materials used to make the piece. Whether you want to add carvings to make wood frames more decorative or apply vibrant paint to metal materials, you can make the design completely unique. Even if the print is mass-produced, a custom frame will ensure the display is one-of-a-kind.

2. Customer Experience 

custom-picture-framingIf the picture has sentimental value, having a hand in creating the frame will build a stronger connection to the piece. Apart from framing the art, the professional you choose for the job will explain why they applied certain techniques to your specific project. Since you’ll have a hand in the creation process, this information can serve as an interesting anecdote when others see the display later.

3. Top-of-the-Line Protection 

Custom picture framing specialists know the tricks and have the tools to extend the lifespan of your print. When framing the piece, they will use acid-free materials to protect the paint, dyes, paper, and canvas from warping, fading, yellowing, or corroding. This means you won’t have to worry about fluctuating temperatures or exposure to light damaging the investment.


If you want a durable frame to display a prized piece of artwork, reach out to Queen Street Gallery in the historic district of downtown Martinsburg, WV. The team will walk you through the options to create a frame that complements your piece. To learn more about custom picture framing solutions and how the service makes an excellent gift, call (304) 263-9495. Visit the shop online to browse their collection of vintage posters and antique prints, and follow them on Facebook for announcements.

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